Plan Parenthood

What initially caught my interest was the information you provided regarding the politics of Plan Parenthood. I did not realize that donations could be accepted under the pretext that the funds were to be invested in specifically aborting fetuses of minority background.  Although I am pro-choice, this statistic sits wrong with me. I think the control of reproductive rights as well as involuntary sterilization emerge as a residual of the eugenic ideology that was central to methodology of biopower in the first half of the twentieth century.   I disagree with you, however, when you state that an individual is no longer thought of as a subject, but rather as part of the population at large.  I’d argue that the socioeconomic condition of our contemporary time is best described as individualist.

As the tenets of neoliberalism coerce late capitalism, the control of socioeconomic apparatus’ slip from the public into the private sphere. As a result, the privatization of health care frees the government from the responsibility of the nation’s health.  At the onset of the twentieth century, the birth of the nation-state and how it was to be defined led to the proliferation of eugenic ideologies that hinged the strength of a nation on the health of its population.  This of course led to the horrific monstrosities that took place during WWI and WWII.  The molecularization of biopolitics is an evolution of the power apparatus whose violence is veiled.  With millions of people dying a year from preventable disease, the “laissez faire” doctrine of neoliberalism translates into the medical sphere as an act best articulated as a “letting die”.


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